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Waterless Skin & Bath Products

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Made with Earth & free of toxic ingredients

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In OLIVEDA products, the globally unique Olive Tree Molecule Hydroxytyrosol, which can only be found in our mountain olive trees, replaces the 95% fillers content (water and refined oils), which is normally used in skin care products.

95% different composition of OLIVEDA skin care allows absorption of active ingredients way faster than conventional skin care.

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About me:

I've always had a passion for the beauty industry & actually cut my own hair evenly in 4th grade. Leading to me having different jobs surrounding the beauty arts including; Beauty Advisor, Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, & Hair Stylist.

Unfortunately years ago I had health situation which forced me to stop doing hair. I wasn't getting answers from doctors & Western medicine wasn't able to help me. I wasn't about to give up & knew there had to be a root cause so I turned to alternative healing & finally saw huge changes! Allowing me to start working again and wanting to help others find healing as well.

My healing journey is another reason why I love using products that are not only spa/salon quality, but also those made with ingredients from the Earth & free of harmful toxins. I'm a believer in what we use both internal & external effects not only our skin/hair, but also our health.

While on my journey to heal & transform I got certified in Sound Healing among other things. With my knowledge in both holistic healing and skin care; I can help you become the best version of yourself to GLOW from the inside out.



Sound Healer

13 Chakra Healer

Crystal Master level 2

Soul Shift Healer


Ember Sky Events

July 9th @6:30pm

Group Sound Bath & Mediation $33 per person

Eagle, ID

August 3 6:30-9pm

Aquarius Fullmoon Celebration $35 per person

Sound Bath, Astrology , Work with the Moon workbooks, and more

Nampa, ID

Purple Amethyst Crystals
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Results using Oliveda for 6-8 weeks

95%- bright, radiant complexion and well-being

71%- effective against effects of aging

72%- preferred Oliveda to their previous products

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email your before & after to:

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Sound Healing

Contact Amber to book an appointment. or (208)914-1014

Tuning Fork Healing:

1 hour session $135

Tap into your bio-field to move energy that may be stuck which can manifest as physical pain or trauma. I may also use crystals and other sound tools besides tuning forks. I also work with 13 Charka system during a healing session.

Facial with Mini Sound Healing:

1 hour session $135

Relax and receive the skincare benefits from Oliveda products. They are highly concentrated and high in antioxidants for fast results. While face mask is sitting on you will be bathed in healing frequencies of sound waves. *light therapy coming soon.

Group Sound Bath:

$33 per person

Use crystal sound bowls during sound bath; mixed with other sound tools depending on the session. We normally start with a mediation to bring the body into relaxation and to set intentions.

Session location varies. Sign up below to be one of the first to know when date, time, and locations are known.

I also travel to do sound baths for events and retreats. Reach out for cost.

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Professional haircare can't be purchased online.

Contact Amber for a free hair product consultation and to order. or (208)914-1014

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